Input File Requirements

  • PSD or PNG format
  • No effects
  • One layer
  • With transparency (if you want to use the „Irregular shape“ option)
  • Maximum File Size: 100mb uncompressed in Adobe Photoshop
  • It is recommended to use CMYK color space

Output File Parameters

  • TIFF формат
  • 200 pixels/inch
  • Single layer
  • For the white file, the information in all channels has the same values
  • The CMYK file is adjusted according to the selected printing base
  • The files are available through Photoshop and you can manually adjust them according to your preferences
The software generates files in accordance with the color of the base on which you are planning to print.
For black base

You will receive two files - White and CMYK.
The CMYK file has corrected amounts of ink
in order to be used the pigmentation of the base

For colour basе

You will receive a file for White. Use your source file
as the option Generating a corrected CMYK file
from our software is still under development